Catalyst Developments

The East Washington Street corridor has many challenges and opportunities. The catalyst development sites identified below will need to reflect the diversity of uses on the corridor in their implementation strategies.

Based on the market strength and physical characteristics, areas of the corridor can be uniquely characterized by the appropriate lead investor, investment objective and lead implementing organization. This framework provides guidance for decision-makers to understand the most effective interventions for particular areas based on specific needs. Some of these objectives are either complete or already underway, but need time to mature, such as “Plan + Partner” areas


Catalyst Site: Near Downtown Housing

Infill + Enhance

The area around the Holy Cross neighborhood already has strong existing home sales and prices are above average for the corridor, with demand for new housing as evidenced by recent construction. The goal here is to infill vacant parcels and provide missing amenities or improvements to enhance the existing space.


Catalyst Site: Gateway Area

Infill + Enhance

This area has strong recent trending in development, given the growth of Angie’s List corporate campus and new developments, such as Indiana City Brewery. The goal for this place is to enhance existing properties and create new infill development as walkable urban places, connecting the Near Eastside west to Downtown and south to Fountain Square.


Catalyst Site: Oriental Street Node

Infill + Enhance

This area has strong assets in Ivy Tech and the historic Ford Building, as well as long-time neighborhood fixtures like the Liederkranz. Angie’s List is in the process of renovating the Ford Building to expand their headquarters. With continuing discussions regarding improvements to Ivy Tech, as well as the healthy nearby housing market, the goal for this area is to enhance existing properties and to infill vacant parcels.


Catalyst Site: Willard Park

Catalyze + Connect / Plan + Partner

Willard Park is bordered by fairly healthy properties that include the Indianapolis Enterprise Center, some City of Indianapolis services, and Horner Industries. However, connecting Williard Park to the residential neighborhood across Washington Street, and activating more of the park as a destination remains a challenge.


Catalyst Site: Englewood Town Center

Catalyze + Connect

The PR Mallory district is fairly healthy to the north and west given the strength of efforts within the Englewood neighborhood. Recently named as one of three Great Places 2020 sites, this node still faces significant environmental and infrastructure challenges to help stimulate growth and investment in the area.